Tools I use each day

Inspired by Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Tools List I began keeping track of the tools and utilities I use on a daily basis. You can find the most up to date version on my Github account. Below is a snapshot.

Operating Systems

OS X Mavericks

I've only used OS X for 6 months now, but I really like it. I've used BSD flavors in the past.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint has been my favorite Linux distro for over a year now. Fast, clean, and up to date.

Programming tools


My favorite source control software.

Source Tree

Source Tree is a super slick git client from Atlassian. Super slick.


I use zshell, therefore I use OH MY ZSH. Sure it may be conformist to the neckbeards, but I like it. I use it on OS X and Linux.

Visual Studio 2012

I write C# code by day. This is what I use

  • VsVim Must have vim bindings for Visual Studio


My favorite editor. It's powerful and fast. Command line at it's best.

iTerm 2.0

Awesome terminal for OS X.


Every programmer that uses OS X should have this app


The terminal multi-plexer to rule all terminal multi-plexers.



My personal database of choice.

  • PostGIS Geospatial plugin for PostgreSQL

Social, productivity, general applications


Buffer is a nice way to cue up tweets and posts so you don't flood your followers.


The best Twitter client I've found.


Instapaper keeps all the things I want to read and never have time to read. Tons of other app integrations. Very very nice.


My personal browser of choice. I really like the web development tools.


Personal cloud. Easy to setup, fast, and efficient.

1 Password

Nice password manager. It's not cheap, but it works well. Worth the money.


Nice utility to adjust screen warmth based on time of day. This is my chocie for OS X.


Another utility to adjust screen warmth based on time of day. This is my choice for linux.


Dropbox, because, well drop box. Yes, I use Dropbox and OwnCloud.


Nice package manager for OS X.