Formula 1 technology and other applications

I am a huge Formula 1 fan. I remember watching F1 as a kid amazed that they raced on streets and turned to the RIGHT! I started watching F1 again as an adult and really began to get into the technology side of the races. 

As I have paid more attention to the technology in F1, I've been trying to find other applications of the tech. One of my favorite F1 fan sites is F1 Technical. F1 Technical goes into great depth on the aerodynamics and power-plant details of the F1 cars. It's a great way to waste a day reading. Having a computer science background i like the data side of things. Just recently there have been articles describing the temporary high-speed networks used, size of the telemetry stream for a race, and even energy efficiency technologies. Even Microsoft gets into data analytics with F1.

That tech is cool, but McLaren has the best application of F1 tech that I've seen. Watch the TED talk below.