DevLink 2012

I wanted to do a huge writeup on my experiences at this year's DevLink. Instead, I'll have to settle for a quick blurb.

DevLink is a great conference. I have attended the past 3 years and think it's has tremendous bang for the buck.

Most of the sessions revolve around Microsoft's .NET technology, but in recent years Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and even Erlang have made appearances. This year, I focused on Javascript and was really impressed with the sessions given by Elijah Manor, Jim Cowart, and Alex Robson. In addition to Javascript Jessica Kerr taught us how to think functionally with a talk entitled "Better OOP Through Functional Principles".

If you are a developer in the southeast and are looking for a conference to attend. DevLink is a great conference for a great price. If you are not from the southeast, consider making the trip and discover southern hospitality, Tennessee style.