Tractor Supply & Jet?

I had to make an emergency run to the local Tractor Supply yesterday evening to pick up 6 bags of oats (this is a story for a different blog). While walking back to the feed I noticed the word "Jet" out of the corner of my eye. It seems that our local Tractor Supply Company sells Jet & Wilton power tools. Tractor Supply had a few drill presses, a couple of horizontal bandsaws and a vertical bandsaw. I did some research on Tractor Supply's website but they do not list Jet or Wilton. So it must be a regional thing. I searched Jet's website and Wilton's, which by the way Jet and Wilton are owned by the WHM group, and they both list my local Tractor Supply as dealers. How do the prices compare? They're about the same. But if your in the market for a new tool and want to see it, maybe a trip to your local Tractor Supply would pay off.

Oh yeah, and from my research, Wilton is to Jet like Plymouth is to Chrysler.