RIGID drill press review...

I wrote my review of the RIGID DP-1550 15" 1/2 hp drill press. You can find a link under the "Reviews" section on the right.

I'm not necessarily a RIGID "fanboy". It's not that I like the color orange so much. Here are some reasons I like RIGID tools:
  1. They a good quality tool for the money.
  2. They repeatedly get good reviews from magazines and really good from users.
  3. The RIGID warranty is pretty good.
  4. I can take it back to Home Depot if I have an issue. (There's a "good" Home Depot in my area).
  5. Home Depot usually has a 6 month to 1 year no interest deal going on. That's hard to beat.
So it's not just being a "fanboy". Although, I do hope to get the RIGID 13" planer with the 3 cutter head soon.