Started the Krenov cabinet...

I finally felt industrious enough to start the Krenov cabinet.

I decided to use poplar since I had gotten 1/2" stock. The only power tool I have used so far is the table saw.

I used it to cut the boards to final dimension. I joined the boards by hand using my #7.

After joining the edges I face planed the boards. Apparently, I finally got my plane tuned up right. I was able to make some almost transparent shavings.

I glued up a 3/4" piece for the top of the cabinet. I plan on having a gradual ra We'll see how that goes. While my panel was gluing, I cut the dovetails in the topWhen I finished dimensioning all of the stock, Idius. of the sides. They didn't turn out as good as I wanted, but oh well. By the time I had the talis cut and cleaned up it the panel was ready to come out of the clamps. I decided to go with half blind dovetails for the top. I started cutting them and got one side done before stopping for the day. You can see in one pic on the top where I had a knot blow-out while chiseling. I knew the knot was there but I took a chance and failed miserably. Hopefully, if I can get up early enough tomorrow I can cut the other side of the half-blind and do a test
fit of top & sides.