Retro project...

I play around with music some. I have a small home recording setup. The mixer I use never felt right.
The angle of my hand felt weird. So I deciced to put it in some sort of caddy. Well, I figured why not practice some joinery while I was at it. The front is dovetailed and the back is just a half lap. There are 2 runners, almost
like drawer rails, that hold the mixer at an angle. The back is low cut for wires to come out of the mixer.

I made "The Ramp" out of red oak from one of the Borgs. The finish is just some Minwax stain and that's it. I did this over a year ago when I was totally new to woodworking. I had no idea what I was doing. I think I had read 3 months of Fine Woodworking before trying this.
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