Got lumber?

I decided to take a trip to a local sawyer this morning. He's about 30 minutes away, so I stopped at a coffee shop on the way and read a Woodworker's Journal article on surfacing boards with a hand plane. Hmmm... more about that later. After my morning refreshment I went to the sawyer's place and talked to him about lumber & furniture, etc. I told him I was looking for maple and walnut for my workbench legs. He said he had plenty of 4/4 and some 5/4 but nothing thicker. I told him I didn't want to use select grade walnut for workbench legs. I think that gave him an impression that I wasn't just throwing some boards together. He then told me he had 3 or 4 walnut logs ready to process, and that he would cut out the legs for me if I could use them "wet". We got to talking, and I've read in various places, for things like workbench legs it probably won't make too much of a difference. Even old chairs had the stiles wet and the rails dry. That way when the stiles dried out and came into equilibrium they would shrink around the rails' tenon, making an extremely tight joint. So, he took my name, number, rough dimensions I wanted. He then told me he'd give me a call when he cut up the pieces.